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Stratham, New Hampshire, United States


Big Scott's

Locally grown with family pride

Locally grown with family pride

Locally grown with family prideLocally grown with family pride


Meet The Kernels!

Ruby Red- She has a gorgeous ruby exterior and pops BRIGHT white.  Loaded with flavor and a crisp texture, Ruby is hard to beat!  

Shaman’s Blue- Like the Ruby Red variety, Shaman’s Blue has a deep indigo exterior and pops white!  Great flavor and tender, chewy texture is perfect for any popcorn lover!  

Wicked White- What Wicked White “lacks” in color, it makes up for with flavor.  With delicious popcorn flavor and a crisp, tender bite, it’s easy to see why this is a top seller!  

Classic Yellow- Your classic “movie popcorn”!  When popped, it’s a perfect light yellow and unlike theater popcorn, it tastes great with just a touch of salt!  

Cross Pollination

WHY is there BLUE popcorn in my white and yellow popcorn!?!? That’s what we like to call Mother Nature’s bonus! Cross pollination is pollination of a plant by pollen from a different plant, or in this case, one variety to the other. #NATURE

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